AI(Artificial Intelligence)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has expanded beyond the realms of storing and applying knowledge into intuition and inference, which have long been considered capacities unique to humans. According to AI experts, the singularity, when machines exceed human intelligence, is rapidly approaching. AI techniques have already been embedded in the fabric of our everyday lives.

  • Professional Knowledge
    (Healthcare and Law)

  • Intuition • Reasoning

  • Synthetic Thinking

Examples of AI Applications

  • Examples of AI Applications

    In 2011, IBM Watson outperformed the cumulative knowledge of humanity.

    Watson (by IBM) on the television quiz show Jeopardy

  • Intuition • Reasoning

    in 2016 AlphaGo (4)(4):Lee Sedol (1)
    in 2017 AlphaGo Zero(100):AlphaGo(0)

    AlphaGo (by DeepMind)

  • Synthetic Thinking

    in 2017 FaceNet accuracy 99.68%
    Human Level 97.53%

    DeepFace (by Facebook)

AI Applications in Numerous Industries

AI not only has been adopted by a variety of existing industries but also has expanded into new domains. This trend continues to strengthen, bringing about a wave of massive change across industries.

  • Video & Image Analysis
    (Video & Image Analysis)

    Deep learning-based image and video analysis CCTV and Defect detection services

  • Predictive Intelligence
    (Predictive Intelligence)

    Anomaly prediction and predictive maintenance using time series analysis

  • AV / Robotics / Drone

    Analysis and application of datasets from cameras, Lidar sensors, etc.

  • Media/Contents
    (Media & Contents)

    Video content creation and capture for VR and AR Broadcasting services using speech synthesis

  • Text Analysis / NLP
    (Text Analysis, NLP)

    Text and natural language analysis and subsequent speech recognition

  • Finance / FDS

    Financial time series data analysis and forecasting and fraud detection

  • Healthcare / Bio / Medical

    Healthcare and medical data analysis and deep learning-based biological research

  • Logistics & Retail
    (Logistics & Retail)

    Autonomous delivery and logistics optimization Unmanned stores and real-time marketing

Examples of AI used in Businesses

AI has been adopted by a wide range of industries.